Working with an illustrator is a fun collaboration. I was lucky enough to be paired with the talented Marcos Calo. Mr. Calo took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about one of Eddie's most favorite things in the world- Art!


MW: Marcos, I’m a big fan of your work. Thanks for making my characters come to life. (I especially love Eddie in his tuxedo.) When did you decide to become an artist?  

MC: I guess I don't remember a time when I didn't want to become an artist. I used to draw everyday for a couple of hours as a kid.

MW: Tell us about your work- what kind of art do you do and who do you work for?  

MC: I have worked for animation companies and as a freelance illustrator. In animation I worked mostly as a background / enviroment designer (you can find me in the credits of "Planet 51" and "Despicable Me"). As a freelance artist I have worked mostly doing illustrations for young adults / teen books.

MW: Who's your favorite artist?  Mine is Picasso (who’s from Spain, just like you!)

MC: You can't name just one. I have hundreds of preferred artists. 



MW: What's your favorite color?  Eddie's is red (obviously). Mine is red as well.

MC: I guess blue.


MW: My readers love the military picture you drew of Jonah in book one. They're hoping that in the next adventure, we can go with a ninja theme. Your thoughts?  

MC: Oh, I think Jonah is too inclined to violent themes. Maybe next time I'll draw him in pajamas and wearing flowers on his head  :)

MW: Ha! And there you have it!  Check out Marcos Calo’s amazing art on his website